With the forecast for the weather over the next few days being warm i decided it was time to remove the last of my trout before the water got too hot. I pulled out the remaining 8 and cleaned them all. 2 of them were cooked on the barbie while we had friends over and the rest were vacuum sealed and stored int he freezer for later.

The largest weighed in at 610g or 500g gutted and gilled and measure 330mm. This was far bigger than i expected any of them to get so i was very happy with the results. The top one is the big one.

Now it is time for the silver perch to make their way to the IBC system.

The final trout harvest for this season. The top one weighed in at 500g cleaned.

Exciting news! I had my first trout harvest today. I dragged it out with a net. It took a few scoops, even in such a small tank they are that fast. It weighed in at 360g and given its stomach was full of food i am guessing that this is one of the bigger fish in there.

I cleaned the fish by simply gutting and gilling it. I cooked it whole int he oven with some aquaponics silverbeet, some lemon and salt and pepper all wrapped in aluminium foil.

I have also purchased 20 silver perch in preparation for the removal off all the trout. They are living in the sump tank of my aquarium system until the IBC is empty of hungry trout.


Today i went out to check on my AP as usual and i found one of my trout swimming really funny. It was swimming pointing down like it was constantly positively buoyant. Then every now and then it would swim around as usual before returning to swimming down.

Typically i noticed this the day before i am due to go on 7 day holiday! Oh well, it cant be helped.

I think this is most likely a swimming bladder problem which means that there isn’t much hope for this little trout.

*EDIT* Sadly this little guy died a few days after i made this post. So much wasted trout dip… Sob 🙂

Growth Update 27/05/12

Well it has been a full month since i have done an update on my system. Time flys!

The plants are powering along. So much so that i have been having to trim back my capsicum so it doesn’t try and lift the roof off. My rhubarb has also been going out of control. I am seriously considering removing it because of the size of it and the amount of light it is robbing from the other plants. It is only going to get bigger too! The snow peas are managing to work its way out form under the rhubarb and is starting to grow well. The capsicum and jalapeno fruit are starting to get really big too. My only concern with them is that it will get too cold before they ripen up.

There are a few plants that are not doing so well also. The spring onion has failed to grow much since i posted a photo of it last month. Also the carrots and leeks are either dying off or not growing at all. I really think this is due to the lack of sunlight they get each day. Especially now the capsicum and chilli plants are filling out. I am thinking that tomatoes might be a better bet for that spot. Something that will be able to grow tall at least.

Included is a photo of the crown of my rhubarb. This shows the damage that the wind can do with the broken stalks. The wind break is doing an excellent job but every now and then we get a northerly wind that hammers everything.

The most exciting news though is that i finally got some trout in the system. They were added around the middle of last month and have been doing really well. I got 12 Rainbow Trout that were around 100 – 150mm long. I have to be honest that when i added them i wasn’t certain how they were going to go with all the gambrusia in the water too. I was concerned that the unregulated feeding was going to overload my grow bed filter. Luckily though, my cycling process did the trick with the regular heavy doses of ammonia towards the introduction of the trout. My opinion is that it is preferable to have your filter capacity reduce because there isnt enough ammonia rather than the other way round.