There have been a raft of changes to this tank since I got it. I have drilled the bottom to install a sump, several aquascaping changes and a few new fish.

The sump I am using was the bottom tank in my previous set-up. It is a 3’x1’x1′ tank that I have partitioned about 1/5 of for the pump and an automatic top up system.  The rest of the tank is filled with the expanded clay I was using in the grow bed of my previous set-up. The automatic top up system is using a cistern float connected to my main water supply via a tap next to the sump. I have also installed an overflow from the sump into a pond outside which I plan to use as an auto water change system. The plan at this stage is to set the cistern float height so that the sump always overflows a small amount, meaning that I am doing a constant water change. Once I have ironed out the bugs in the top up system and sump I will make a post about it.Continue reading