IBC Aquaponics Growth Update 20/05/14

It has been about a three weeks now since I put the new plants in my aquaponics system and the new small dirt garden. It has been interesting to see the growth difference between the two. This has been the first time I have completed a side by side comparison myself.

Of course it should be noted that this is by no means a scientific comparison. The dirt garden and the aquaponics have both been getting regular doses of Seasol or Maxicrop (depending where you live), a little Charlie Carp and little Chelated Iron. I have also sprinkled some slow release fertiliser on the dirt garden. The aquaponics has been getting its regular dose of fish feed while the silver perch are still hitting the feed, although at a slower and slower rate.

So far the results have been surprising for me. While I expected the aquaponics system to outperform the dirt garden, I was expecting to see at least some growth in the dirt. There has been plenty of rain and watering in the dirt, so I don’t believe that lack of water is the culprit. I also think that the aquaponics system gets less sunlight, so I don’t think that is the cause. Thinking about the causes i have come up with some possibilities;

  • The potting mix used for the dirt garden was very cheap. You have to question the health and nutrient content of it.
  • It has been getting quite cool at night. The aquaponics plants will not be getting as cold due to the thermal mass of the water.
  • The dirt garden is definitely seeing some kind of deficiency. I suspect it is either nitrogen or iron, hence the Charlie Carp and Chelated Iron additions.

In the next few weeks I am hoping to make a small greenhouse for both systems in the hope that it will encourage growth. I expect that the tomato will be lying on the ground before I get a chance to string it up as well. It has been quite a while since I have seen such successful growth in my aquaponics system which has been most enjoyable. As always, stay tuned for more updates. Hopefully with more photos this time!


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