New Aquarium 02/05/14

New house so… New aquarium??? Sure, why not!

Within a month of moving to the new house I had my eye out for a new aquarium. I wanted a larger one but more importantly I wanted one that was a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Keeping an eye on the classifieds on some local club forums I spotted this tank and stand up for grabs for only $250. A bargain in my opinion considering the tank is a 4x2x2 and the stand is custom made. To make things that much sweeter, it was only a 45 minute drive away to pick it up. The only thing I had to buy in addition to the tank was a canister filter. In order to try and keep things looking good I have moved away from the aquaponics style of filter I was using previously.

I painted the rear of the aquarium black to try and hide all of the hoses etc behind it. This alone has made a huge difference to the look. Putting together this system was a bit of a rush job because I had a very small amount of time to get it all running and my fish in there. So I wont detail the system too much but to give a brief idea; there is a lot more drift wood which came with the tank in there, all the plants I had before and the previous occupants.

Things I want to do in the short term:

  • I want to use an overflow and a sump rather than just the canister I am using now.
  • Use a better substrate for the plants.
  • Remote logging so I can keep an eye on the system at work. Parts have been ordered, so keep an eye out for a future post.
  • Add a few cichlids into the tank. More room means I can keep bigger fish.

Things I want to do long term/cash permitting:

  • CO2 injection for even better plant growth.
  • Make a hood to hide all of the lighting.
  • Breed some fish, species unknown at this stage.

There is still a huge amount of work left to do on this tank. This post was just an introduction to the new tank and few plans I have. I will try and get some decent images of the setup in the coming weeks rather than these smartphone pics.

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