IBC Growth Update 30/12/13

Just a quick update on the IBC system. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time, so there are not too many photos. Just the end result 🙂

The brahmi had almost completely run over the IBC grow bed. It was out of control. Nothing a rather harsh cut back couldn’t solve though! I also figured that the garlic chives needed to be cut back a bit too, so I removed about half of them. I also removed the dead bean plants, which I had failed to string up in time before they got knocked over by the wind. The capsicum was also trimmed up, leaving it much more tidy and hopefully will be a stronger plant in the coming months.

A new Habanero chilli and a Bih Jolokia (also known as the Ghost Chilli) were added. Some more spinach seeds and some coriander seeds were sown into the peat balls that were left from the previous seeding attempt. I have also tried seeding a green and a gold zucchini directly into the grow media.


By Ryan Sevelj


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