When i got home from work the other day I could see that all of my plants had been eaten from the back patio. I will be honest, I did not even go down to assess the damage. I check that the fish were OK and left it for another day, feeling somewhat disheartened.

Well today I finally got out there and had a look to see how bad it was. Just about everything had been eaten or was dying. My capsicum plant is done for but there is home hope for the chocolate capsy, jalapeño and Habanero. The beetroot were trying to put on some new leaves too, so I left the smaller ones in there and harvested the larger ones.

I pulled out the cherry tomato as well. It had seen better days and I didn’t really get much fruit off it that could be bothered harvesting. The root mass that I found on it was huge. At the base of the bush it would have been over 1″ in diameter. I found that the root had grown up the valve to regulate the water and completely blocked off any path for water. It must have only recently stopped flowing fortunately as all the worms were still alive and wriggling like mad.

About the only plant that was powering along is the brahmi. That stuff is getting quite invasive, trying to take over the whole grow bed. I had to cut out almost another full shopping bag worth.

Here are the photos of how it looked before i started. Tomorrow i will take some photos of how it turned out.