Well it has been a while since an update on the growth and a lot has happened. In the last update i mentioned that i was having a problem with caterpillars running rampant through my system. Well i have managed to get them under control, but not without some casualties! I lost the cucumbers and very nearly the watermellon. Some good news though, i have managed to get the caterpillars under control! 🙂

The lost plants have been replaced with some new ones and the current plants are starting to look fantastic. The grow bed has been filled up with Cos lettuce and beetroot to replace the cucumber and it is looking fuller than ever. Especially with all the other plants taking off. The capsicum/pepper and chilli plants have been stand out producers over the last month. There is going to be more fruit than i know what to do with. The cherry tomato is also powering along. It has even started falling out of the grow bed and taking all the media with it! The watermellon is starting to recover and even flower! I am very happy with that, i love watermellon!

Now for some photos!

Ok so a little update. I threw together the few solar parts that i had to see what happened. I had a spare battery floating around that i had been keeping charge but the condition was unknown. It was holding voltage though. I also have solar charge controller that will look after the battery. The panel itself is around 110W so i have been told. Everything that i used today except for the charge controller was recycled. 🙂

I had my pump and my air pump running on the solar since late morning. Everything was running sweet, only 1 amp up my sleeve for charging the battery though. Clearly the solar panel is not enough to run the 70W draw and fully charge the battery. I never expected that it would though. I would expect that during winter i would need at the very least 2 of the panels that i have.

The plan is to have an automatic changeover switch that flicks to mains power when the battery runs flat or a cloudy day etc. Then add on more components as they become available. The battery didn’t even last 1 hour though, so that is shot. Still, free power when the sun is shining is nothing to complain about.