Well everything has had a chance to settle in since the big move. It has taken nearly 6 weeks for everything to settle out and start to look less like a barren wasteland and more like an aquarium. Plants are starting to look a bit happier and the fish are back to their usual energetic selves.

There have been a few new additions to the tank as well. I was given 3 Blind Cave Tetras and a Black Ghost Knife Fish. The 3 tetras have been lovingly nicknamed ‘Zombie Fish’ due to their red eyes and white body. The Ghost Knife Fish has been named ‘Zero’ after the character in Borderlands 2.

I have also had a few Cherry Red Shrimp start to make home in the lower tank. I had thought they all got eaten by the feeder fish but much to my surprise and delight i saw a few in there.

All in all the tanks are looking better every day and should be back to their former glory before long.

Finally, a chance to update since the move. The system was a challenge to move. Lets just leave it at that. It took nearly a fully day to move the whole system by myself. The rewards a plentiful though. I did loose a few plants, although the fish all survived and are happily swimming around in the new location.

I lost the capsicum and jalapeno, but those have both been replaced. I also ended up replacing the corn, which was looking very sorry for itself after the wind at the last place. I also added some lettuce, cucumber, watermellon and a habanero chilli. Growth has been excellent so far. I am very surprised with how quickly the entire system was able to recover from the move.

Once again i am finding that caterpillars are running rampant through the system. They have been managing to eat a fair amount of the leaves in my system. The silver perch have been getting a good feed from them though!

Now for some photos!