The bristlenose are still breeding like crazy. I am yet to separate them but it is getting to a point where i am not going to have much choice. I have started moving to all the ones that are a suitable size for sale into my first aquarium in the hope that i will be able to sell them next week. I have named one of the females ‘Nessy’ because she has grown a huge amount over the last few months. She is probably about 30% larger than the other female now.

Unfortunately my ghost knife fish died while i was away last week. I don’t know what killed him, but it looked like some fish had been nipping at him just before i left. Unfortunately i didn’t have anywhere else to put him while i was away. Hopefully the shrimp numbers will start to increase now that there inst anything in the tank trying to eat them.

There has also been 3 new additions to the tank in the form of Rummy Nose Tetras. These guys seem to able to hold their own against the other tetras when it is feeding time, so hopefully they will do well. I am hoping to get a few more in the next few days so that they have a school of around 10 fish.

I have removed all of the plants except the stringy non growing chives and the aloe vera. I added strawberries and some succulent that is supposed to be dry feet only. The succulent has doubled in size in the last 4 weeks or so since it went in. Yet more proof that Aquaponics can do some unexpected things.

Since i trimmed back the tomatoes they have been going great really well. To well in fact, everything else seems to be suffering due to the lack of light as a result of tomato blanket above them. Everything on the outside of the IBC that faces the backyard seems to be growing ok, but everything else is either dying or stunted. I will be moving house in about 4 weeks, so that is the time limit for the tomatoes, once we move they are getting trimmed right back and maybe even ripped out.

The radishes that i added have been growing well, with some getting close to the size of a tennis ball. The corn is looking really healthy, although i still dont think it will stand up to the strong winds we get here. Also the onion is getting to be a really big size. It will probably get harvest when we move too.

Capsicum fruit is really starting to get a decent size too. Both the capsicum and the Jalapeno have started to take off with the warmer days.