Well the bristlenose have been breeding very well. So well in fact that i have been considering moving the male to my other tank to try and control the rate they are turning out the babies. Hopefully i will be able to sell the number that i have already. The plants are doing well. One of the species in there is almost a weed it is growing that well.

I have also put an under gravel filter in the sump tank that the pump draws from. I was having problems with the java moss blocking the pump inlet every few days. So far i have not seen any reduction in flow from the pump which is a good sign. Soon i will add some worms to the gravel to try and help keep it a bit cleaner.

There are no photos of the plants in the grow bed because, well, they are doing crap and no one wants to see that! I really need to sort out some better lighting for them.

A quick growth update for the system. We have had some very strong winds over the last few days and it has been playing havoc with the entire system. It has been so strong that it has even pulled some of the new plants out of the grow media. This wind has really removed any hope of the corn doing well, with most of it laying over now. Quite a few of the leaves have also been damaged by the wind, although the tomatoes are starting to perk up despite the damage.

The silver perch are still not feeding after their move into the big system. They may well be feeding on the bio slime on the sides of the bulky though. They all just hide near the pump all huddled up together. Sooks 🙂

Today i managed to get my hands on a 110W solar panel that had been damaged in a bush fire and needed to be replaced. With a bit of TLC and fault finding i was able to find that the reason the voltage was half is due to one half of the panels being disconnected in the terminal box. So with a quick bit of solder work i had myself a fully functioning solar panel to kick start the battery backup system. After these photos were taken i filled the terminal box with silastic and wire brushed and painted the back panel to help protect it from the elements. Now i just need to wait for my controller to arrive and i should be right to start setting it up!

With the forecast for the weather over the next few days being warm i decided it was time to remove the last of my trout before the water got too hot. I pulled out the remaining 8 and cleaned them all. 2 of them were cooked on the barbie while we had friends over and the rest were vacuum sealed and stored int he freezer for later.

The largest weighed in at 610g or 500g gutted and gilled and measure 330mm. This was far bigger than i expected any of them to get so i was very happy with the results. The top one is the big one.

Now it is time for the silver perch to make their way to the IBC system.

The final trout harvest for this season. The top one weighed in at 500g cleaned.