Exciting news! I had my first trout harvest today. I dragged it out with a net. It took a few scoops, even in such a small tank they are that fast. It weighed in at 360g and given its stomach was full of food i am guessing that this is one of the bigger fish in there.

I cleaned the fish by simply gutting and gilling it. I cooked it whole int he oven with some aquaponics silverbeet, some lemon and salt and pepper all wrapped in aluminium foil.

I have also purchased 20 silver perch in preparation for the removal off all the trout. They are living in the sump tank of my aquarium system until the IBC is empty of hungry trout.


Another growth update. Everything is starting to perk up a bit now the days are a bit longer and warmer. The tomatoes are up to the roof of the house and stubbornly trying not to get trained out to where they can get more sunlight. They have just started to set the first fruit of the season for me. The lettuce and silver beet are growing well still. The garlic looks fantastic, far better than i ever achieved in the ground, although how the bulbs turn out is yet to be seen. The broccoli is doing well, especially in the expansion part of the system, due to the extra sunlight i think. A point about the sunlight, i have added a photo of a lettuce that came in the same punnet as the AP ones, that i have in a pot that gets a few hours of sunlight a day for comparison. There is also a new plant! 🙂 A strawberry has made its way into the expansion system. They are not very salt tolerant, but we shall see how it goes.

I am still seeing signs of mites on my capsicum, jalapeno and tomatoes. I have been spraying daily with a chilli/garlic spray or a worm tea that comes from my worm farm. Hopefully that will be enough to deter the pest from infestation levels.

A member on the Backyard Aquaponics forum was good enough to give me a couple of female bristlenose catfish, a whole heap more Cherry Shrimp and some duckweed. My plan is to breed up the catfish and shrimp to sell to the local pet store. Fingers crossed!