I finally gave the capsicum and jalapeno a trim up. It turns out they had a mite infestation which is why they were looking so sad for themselves. So i have removed most of foliage from them both which cost me a few chillis, but better that than the plant i think. It is looking really bare now without those two towering over everything. I also gave the brahmi a trim back while i was at it. I dried a bit in the oven and tried making a tea with it. It isn’t very appetizing to say the least.

The broccoli in the expansion system is starting to head up as well which is exciting. I also chucked a few onions into the expansion. The remain spot will be taken up with a chilli plant that i have coming in the next couple of days. The sugar snap peas are starting to produce a lot of lowers too, I think there is probably 15 flowers on there now. I have also been having the lettuce in my lunch each day for the last few days. Although they are going to need a bit of recovery time now. I also had a fairly heavy harvest of the silver-beet that went into a rather delicious risotto. The tomatoes are still getting taller although they are showing signs of sunlight deficiency. It is to be expected and i am hoping to train them over the top of the wind break where they can get more of the good stuff.

Well it has finally happened. It was a long time in the making and it finally happened. I have expanded my IBC aquaponics system! It is only a small one but it has added about an extra 60L of filtration. Extra filtration is always a good thing. 🙂 The tub is on the side of the IBC grow bed and gets its water feed from the existing water distribution ring. I have added a valve in there so i can control the flow rate so all the water doesn’t flow straight into the small tub. Remember water will take the least path of resistance. It then drains out of the stand pipe and back into the fish tank. A nice simple expansion. In the new part i have planted two dwarf broccoli that i had left over from the last plant out.

There are also a few photos of the existing plants i had in there. The tomatoes are growing well. The lettuce is also going well. The capsicum and the jalapeno are starting to look a bit sad. I think it might be getting a bit cold for them. Once the last of the fruit ripen up i plan to give those two a trim back to over winter. I did pick one of the ripe capsicums tonight and eat it on a pizza. Man it was very tasty 🙂

Since the last update i have added a few more plants, including a new chilli variety, some mini broccoli, garlic and some beetroots. The new chilli variety is ‘hot carrot’ and apparently the heat is a bit of a creeper. (i.e. you eat it thinking it is nothing more than a capsi and slowly but surely it brings the pain…) It has a rating of very hot on the plant info tab.  I am yet to try it… The tomatoes are starting to get a bit of height about them too which is encouraging. The sugar snap peas are starting to do heaps better as well since the rhubarb has been removed.

I took a few photos of my fish to share. The stars today are my brostlenose catfish, harlequins, pleco and the new addition of 3 clown loaches. They are terrible photos as usual but it is hard to get good ones when they move so fast.