Today i went out to check on my AP as usual and i found one of my trout swimming really funny. It was swimming pointing down like it was constantly positively buoyant. Then every now and then it would swim around as usual before returning to swimming down.

Typically i noticed this the day before i am due to go on 7 day holiday! Oh well, it cant be helped.

I think this is most likely a swimming bladder problem which means that there isn’t much hope for this little trout.

*EDIT* Sadly this little guy died a few days after i made this post. So much wasted trout dip… Sob 🙂

Exciting news! I had my first aquaponics harvest today. Included in the loot is spinach, rhubarb, brahmi and the mystery vines fruit, a rock melon.

I have also totally remove the rhubarb crown. The amount of space that it is taking up versus what i get from it just wasn’t enough. I also removed the dwarf beans. Interestingly the bean plants didn’t grow at all, they just fruited and then keeled over. Both basil plants were also removed to make way from some new fresh young plants.

The new plants to make their way into my system include cos lettuce, brown onions and cherry tomatoes. I am hoping that the tomatoes are able to grow up high enough to get sufficient sunlight. I still have a bit more room to put some plants so i will use that up soon i hope.

The trout are growing well too. They are hitting the food pretty hard now. Such a fun fish.

I have a problem in that i can not just leave things alone. Today it was the aquariums turn to get messed with. I noticed that my cherry shrimp have been doing heaps better in the top tank. I think it has to do with more available food. I also noticed that the plants in the top tank are doing better because they can get sunlight instead of artificial light. I also suspect that the plants will prefer a sand substrate… and i like the sand… So i changed the substrates around. You can see how much of a mess this kicked up in the tank. It actually also gives a good shot of the shape of the driftwood in my top tank.

I have also moved Pinchy (My pet yabbie) into the sump tank rather than have him in the old tank now that i moved all the Cherry Shrimp to the top tank. This way he gets a better home and i dont have to keep the three tanks running. I have also removed the filter from the pump now that i dont have to worry about the shrimp getting sucked into it.

The light that was on the old tank is now temporarily sitting on the main tank to provide some better light. I plan on using LED downlights when i finally get my act together. The photos are pretty crappy but they are the best i can manage at the moment.